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More Than Just A Job, Have A Career ~ Become A Skilled Tradesperson

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More Than Just A Job, Have A Career ~ Become A Skilled Tradesperson

Those who work in Trades are the backbone of the work force.

They help ensure there is a place for us to work and live, food to eat, clothes to wear, and so much more.  And yet, we know very little about them.  Some went to college.  Others to Trade School.  A few have learned via hands on training.  The best part about the Trades, the more you learn the higher your value.  With a strong work ethic, desire to learn, and the right company you could be making six figures as a tradesperson.

The top 15 trades for 2021 are Plumber, Construction Manager, Elevator Mechanic, Electrical Powerline Technician, Aircraft Mechanic, Geological and Petroleum Technician, Boilermaker, Electrician, HVAC Technician, Rotary Drill Operator, Home and Building Inspector, Landscape Architect, Wind Turbine Technician, Solar Photovoltaic Installer, and Millwright.  Each of these careers have the potential for earning a minimum of $40,000 within the first five years.

How do you know which Trade Industry is right for you?

Whether you are in high school or not, there are career counselors that will help you navigate the murky waters of picking a career.  You can even do an online career quiz.  Check with your state’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) to learn of the regulations and classes that are needed to get your license as a particular tradesperson.

With all that information, let us start with the basics.  What your interests are and what you are good at.  If you do not mind getting dirty and like mazes, then plumbing is right up your alley.

Got an idea or two on which trade?  Time for the research.  Talk to people in the trade you are interested in.  What is the job growth and salaries for that trade?  What does the work environment look like?  Ladders or tunnels?  Inside or outside? Weather permitting or negotiable?  If you are in high school, check to see if your school offers pre apprenticeship programs like VOTECH.  If you are over the age of 18, there are companies that will hire you as a general laborer and allow you to shadow different trades to you figure out which one you are good at.  Once you figure out the trade, time to start your training.

How do you go about getting training?

Many in the trades learned their craft by watching and working with the older generation.  A generation that took pride in their work and enjoyed sharing their knowledge with anyone willing to learn.  This is how the apprenticeship programs started, you work with someone in the trade who is considered a Master or very experienced.  The best part about learning this way, it involves a paycheck.  The paycheck may start small; but has the potential to grow as your skillset does.  It is advised you jump at this opportunity when offered since the older generation is preparing to retire and their knowledge is something you will not necessarily learn in the classroom.

Today there is VOTECH which allows you to explore the different options to see where you find your niche or just pursue your passion.  It also opens the door for apprenticeships, jobs right out of high school, and a great addition to your resume.  The average cost for these types of programs is very minimum to even free.  Many are offered as part of the high school curriculum.  After graduating high school, you may decide to pursue a higher level of understanding or certification.  Trade schools and/or community colleges are a great way to do this.

Trade schools focus just on the trades.  Like the VOTECH program, they also lead to apprenticeships and job opportunities.  The programs can last from three months to a couple of years offering flexible schedules and may even be more cost effective.  Community colleges give you a broader education which may be beneficial if you start the trade and realize you need a bit extra help with the math, English, or public speaking portion.  These programs are two years and can take you four years to complete if you are working as well as attending school.

We mentioned salaries early in this piece and want to touch base on that topic.

According to Zip Recruiter, Indeed, and Salary.com the following salary ranges are for a worker with a few years’ experience.  Of course, your pay will be determined by your experience level, work ethic, and locality.  A Plumber’s salary average ranges from $50,641 to 58,460.  An Electrician’s salary average ranges from $47,809 to $53, 414.40.  An HVAC Tech’s salary average ranges from $39,572 to 47,360.

Regardless of which route you take to enter in the Trades, you will be rewarded with a long-term earning possibility and continuous learning opportunities in a very rewarding field.  Should you choose, you are able to cross train between fields.  Should you want to come out of the field, you are able to bring your experience to the table as a Project Manager.  After you have mastered the field, you have a choice to own your own company, freelance as a subcontractor, or work for a company that has potential for you to grow into a management position.

Are you already on the path to becoming the next great Tradesman?  Looking for a career with growth potential?  The Service Company of Virginia is a company that offers apprenticeship, flexibility to attend classes, great working environment, competitive wages, and so much more.  We encourage our employees to stay up to date with the latest information that is available.  On staff you will find Master Plumber, Class A Contractor, HVAC, Carpenter, Plumber, and Electrician.  Everyone here is willing to share their knowledge to help each other grow and expand our craftsmanship, and client satisfaction to ensure company growth.

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